Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner!

Earlier this year, I submitted work from several (6-10) of my students to the national art contest for students in grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade entitled Celebrating Art. Six of my students' artworks were selected for the contest and publication. Yesterday I learn that from over 1500 entries, one of my fourth grader's artworks was… Continue reading Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner!

Ceramic Baby Birds

I've really worked hard to provide a diverse and challenging set of lessons for my youngest students. There were some complaints that this was not the case last year (I was not their teacher either). . .So, it is doubly important to develop their creative abilities this year. Typically, I know a lot of us… Continue reading Ceramic Baby Birds

Day of the Dead Figures -Work In Progress

My 8th graders are creating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ceramic figurines. They have been through one kiln firing, and have been glazed. . .Now they await the final firing! I'm soo excited to see them finished. The kids have done an AMAZING job. I'll post the finished ones ASAP. . .But… Continue reading Day of the Dead Figures -Work In Progress