Google Drive in the K12 Art Classroom

As an incredibly busy person, whose ambitions often run away from her, I'm a huge proponent of working smarter not harder. Honestly, I think just about everyone is a proponent of that. Along the lines of the working smarter vein, I've simply got to talk to about using Google Drive in the Art classroom.I know.… Continue reading Google Drive in the K12 Art Classroom

Stop-Motion Animation Inspiration

Y'all know I'm all about some good ole stop-motion animation, right?Nancy Walkup, editor of SchoolArts Magazine, linked to this incredible stop-motion animation today. All too often, when I'm teaching stop-motion animation, the truly excellent stop-motion-animation-as-art examples are either too inappropriate or too highbrow/aesthetically-irrelevant for my students.This one hits the sweet spot of being incredibly well-done,… Continue reading Stop-Motion Animation Inspiration

Critical Multiculturalism Readings

I like to talk quite a bit about critical multiculturalism. As a teacher of diverse students, as a child of missionaries, and as a person of the planet. . .I find the study of equity and inclusion to be compelling and necessary. Below, are a few of my favorite readings on critical multiculturalism. Some are… Continue reading Critical Multiculturalism Readings

Art History Memes: A Project about Context

You'll never view this artwork the same way again. . .Will you?!?!My students are obsessed with memes, those funny little internet pictures that seem to go viral. In fact, I use memes to deliver my rules every fall. But, increasingly, I'm seeing artists and other creative-types harness memes to delve into more interesting, thoughtful, and… Continue reading Art History Memes: A Project about Context

The Skittles 8-Bit Portrait Project

Why skittles!art in the classroom? Well, why not? Candy is a ubiquitous material in student lives. Art is all about getting people to think differently . . . Why not combine the two and make something awesome? This project easily lends itself to focuses on math, science, consumerism, pop art, composition, color, and socially-minded themes.… Continue reading The Skittles 8-Bit Portrait Project