Lesson Plan: Doodle Houses for Testing Week

Above is my exemplar inspired by Jeanette Carlstrom's "House in the Hills"Standardized Testing week begins for my school next week and lasts for five days. I'm already feeling bad for the students who will spend at least 1/2 the school day bent over a test. I know when they come to Art they will be… Continue reading Lesson Plan: Doodle Houses for Testing Week

Grouchy Ladybugs!

Every Fall my school does and Original Works fundraiser. I'm sure your school does something similar. . . I like to get an early start so I can make sure all the absent kids have a chance to get their work done too etc. etc. So, the 3 year olds read The Grouchy Ladybug by… Continue reading Grouchy Ladybugs!