Art Integration Master Post

Below, is a master post of almost all (I'm sure I've missed a few) of the art integration projects posted on ArtfulArtsyAmy since 2009.The Bear Snores On (ELA)Anansi the Spider (ELA)Makey Makey Mondrian (Math)This Bridge Will Not be Gray (ELA)Magnetic Slime (STEAM)Animating Plant Life Cycle (Science)Mr. Seahorse (ELA)Weaving Earthworms (Science)Digital Visual Idioms (ELA)Sacred Geometry Buddhist… Continue reading Art Integration Master Post

Visual Art, Science, & Math Integration: The Bear Snores On

The districts in my county spent the last year determining which new English Language Arts curriculum they wish to adopt. Ultimately, the districts split between two different curricula, each with their own pros and cons. It was exciting to me to witness this process.  As a teacher, I've always assumed that such adoptions were done… Continue reading Visual Art, Science, & Math Integration: The Bear Snores On

Collages and Contour Portraits

 My seventh graders have been struggling to display positive behaviors during Art (and every other subject at my school). Every once in a while, you teach a group of students that is just really, really difficult. I have no explanation for it. . .And, I'm on year two of this particular group. Individually, they are… Continue reading Collages and Contour Portraits