Video Tutorial: Using an Animated Gif as a Sprite in Scratch (AppSmash with Scratch and Piskel)

I loooove animated gifs. I'm also falling in love with coding. What's more fun than combining two things you love?!Did you know you can use an animated gif as a sprite in Scratch? Yup! I appsmash with Piskel and Scratch to do this, and I've made a video to show you how!

Makey Makey: Visual Art, Music, & Circuits

Have you heard of Makey Makey?I got a few kits a bit ago. . .Honestly, I was a bit stumped. I understood it to be a tool with very multifaceted uses, but it took me a bit to get my head around it (if I'm honest, I'm still working on that part).Anyway.For my first project, I decided… Continue reading Makey Makey: Visual Art, Music, & Circuits