Art Integration Master Post

Below, is a master post of almost all (I'm sure I've missed a few) of the art integration projects posted on ArtfulArtsyAmy since 2009.The Bear Snores On (ELA)Anansi the Spider (ELA)Makey Makey Mondrian (Math)This Bridge Will Not be Gray (ELA)Magnetic Slime (STEAM)Animating Plant Life Cycle (Science)Mr. Seahorse (ELA)Weaving Earthworms (Science)Digital Visual Idioms (ELA)Sacred Geometry Buddhist… Continue reading Art Integration Master Post

Mondrian Inspired Makey Makey Fraction Game

Ever had an idea marinating in your brain so intensely that you didn't rest while you slept; your brain was just working too hard? Today, I woke up and immediately knew that I had a solution to my "how to I combine fractions, Makey Makey, Scratch, and art" question. Also, my brain was super tired… Continue reading Mondrian Inspired Makey Makey Fraction Game

Mandalas and Sacred Geometry for Middle and High Schoolers

Mandalas are an art form made by pretty much every culture. I like to integrate mandalas alongside sacred geometry into middle (and even high school) curriculum, as the Social Studies standards almost always highlight societies, cultures, and/or religions that feature mandalas and sacred geometry (Buddhism, Hinduism, medieval Christianity, and Islam).Here is one of the ways… Continue reading Mandalas and Sacred Geometry for Middle and High Schoolers


A collaborative tessellation I supervised during a curriculum night years agoThis next week my 7th graders are going to be doing tessellations. I do a tessellation project based on an equilateral triangle. There are tons of great tessellelation ideas online!! Tessellations is a great cross-curricular math-based art project. . .So, if you're in need of… Continue reading Tessellations