The Hero’s Journey: A 2-Point Perspective Digital Art Project

I'm continually impressed with what the Google Suite of tools can do. Just a few years ago, a project of this type would have required serious photo-editing software (Photoshop, Pixlr, or Gimp), and an intermediate-level understanding of that software. But now, due to the increasing function of Google tools, this is an introductory or novice… Continue reading The Hero’s Journey: A 2-Point Perspective Digital Art Project

Art Integration Master Post

Below, is a master post of almost all (I'm sure I've missed a few) of the art integration projects posted on ArtfulArtsyAmy since 2009.The Bear Snores On (ELA)Anansi the Spider (ELA)Makey Makey Mondrian (Math)This Bridge Will Not be Gray (ELA)Magnetic Slime (STEAM)Animating Plant Life Cycle (Science)Mr. Seahorse (ELA)Weaving Earthworms (Science)Digital Visual Idioms (ELA)Sacred Geometry Buddhist… Continue reading Art Integration Master Post

Video Tutorial: Using an Animated Gif as a Sprite in Scratch (AppSmash with Scratch and Piskel)

I loooove animated gifs. I'm also falling in love with coding. What's more fun than combining two things you love?!Did you know you can use an animated gif as a sprite in Scratch? Yup! I appsmash with Piskel and Scratch to do this, and I've made a video to show you how!