The Road to Awesomeness (is paved with provocative pedagogy)

Here is a pictorial view of my year with the most amazing 8th graders ever. We average about 1.5 projects every 2 weeks. . .So this is not an exhaustive list, but it is the high-points.

1. We started with an Oliva Gude-styled project wherein students looked inward to create an artwork about a personal experience.

2. We made artwork in the style of Kandinsky. . .And painted what we heard.

3. We worked on value portraits, and practiced our understanding of value and shape.

4. We reviewed watercolor technique and painted Fall leaves.

5. We worked on realism and drew animals.

6. We completed a study of David Hockney, and made inspired photomontages.

7. Inspired by GISHWHES, we forced a little perspective.

8. We had fun (SO MUCH FUN).

9. We created batiks about an identified “world issue.”

10.  We made anti-bullying photos for the ADL “No Place for Hate” campaign.

11. We eyebombed the school (and the principal’s office!).

12. We learned about social justice, made “graffiti walls” that were so controversial the whole school had to define social justice (I’m saving these images for their own -very interesting- post).

13. Inspired by our own project, we investigated social justice further.

14. Unsatisfied with the social justice films that defined the term in adult words, we made our own video.

15.  We demanded to explore “new techniques” and chose our own subject matter.

16. We went “off the map.”

17. We re-visited portraiture to witness our developments.

18. We made an anti-bullying video. . .Because we were inspired by a classmate’s poetry.

19.  We had fun. We had so much fun.

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